Wadden Sea for walking disabled

Experiences for everybody!


THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE offers experiences for everybody, be it adults, children, insitutions, associations and business.

If one has a walking disability it is possible to borrow a special designed electric wheelchair, when you attend a guided tour, for driving on the mudflats at low tide.

In the exhibition of THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE one find both interesting knowledge for the adults and possibility for activities for the children. Users of a wheel chair or rollator are able to move around the exhibition with out any difficulties. 

The focus on accessibility for everybody is both inside in the exhibition of THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE and also outside on our tours in The Wadden Sea National Park. 



With the unique nature of architect Dorte Mandrups building - where reeds are used on facade, roof and underlay, and lists of robinia-wood make the already existing building melt seamlessly together with the new building - the result is a structure, that almost seems to grow from the ground - gently and adapted to the flat marshland. 

The exhibition "THE MIGRATORY BIRDS' WADDEN SEA" is likewise adapted to the singular center. In cooperation with THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE, architect Johan Carlsson has with his thorough design created a poetic, aesthetic and modern exhibition, which with great perception shows the Wadden Sea and the migratory birds. Here are experiences which catches and involves the guests of the center - young as well as elderly - in the wondrous world of the Wadden Sea.

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