Summer Holiday 2019

During the Summer holidays (weeks 27 to 32) you can meet a nature interpreter in the Sky Room of the exhibition. The nature interpreter will have plenty of fun and exciting activities for you to try inside and outside.

During the summer holiday you can learn about the United Nations Global Goals for sustainable development. You can explore the greenhouse effect, decomposition of rubbish in nature or sustainable fishing. You can also get ideas about how to live more sustainable in your everyday life.

The nature interpreter will be available in the exhibition all weekdays from 10:30 am to 03:00 pm in week 42.

The event is free with purchase of an entrance ticket.
Adults: 100 DKK
Children: 50 DKK (ages 4 to 13)
Toddlers: free (ages 0 to 3)


Open Tours

During the Summer holidays we have open tours almost every day. Find our tour calendar here.

This year we are also working with Mandø Inn and Tractor Busses as nature interpreters on their tours to the high sand Koresand. Book the trip here.

Seals in the Wadden Sea


With the unique nature of architect Dorte Mandrups building - where reeds are used on facade, roof and underlay, and lists of robinia-wood make the already existing building melt seamlessly together with the new building - the result is a structure, that almost seems to grow from the ground - gently and adapted to the flat marshland. 

The exhibition "THE MIGRATORY BIRDS' WADDEN SEA" is likewise adapted to the singular center. In cooperation with THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE, architect Johan Carlsson has with his thorough design created a poetic, aesthetic and modern exhibition, which with great perception shows the Wadden Sea and the migratory birds. Here are experiences which catches and involves the guests of the center - young as well as elderly - in the wondrous world of the Wadden Sea.

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