Bring you class on a tour into The Wadden Sea National Park with one of the nature guides of THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE. The activities on the trip in the Wadden Sea is supported with a tour in our exhibition THE MIGRATORY BIRDS' WADDEN SEA. All of your selection of tours out in the National Park is adjusted to the "Fællesmål" (common goals) of the Danish schools. I may also call and have a talk with a nature guide, so we will make a tour adjusted to your specific wishes for learning.

If you are on a camp with tour school class you may find prizes for schools here and practical information about sleeping accommodations etc. in the area etc. may be found here


Prepare for your visit on, where you may find small assignments and film giving a good introduction to the Wadden Sea. REMEMBER to bring: Wellington boots, warm water- and wind resistant clothes, a lunch together with something to drink. In the summer it is a good idea to bring sunscreen, a hat, extra socks and perhaps extra pants.

THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE has 4 all-terrain wheelchairs available for rent to student with handicaps.


Life in the low waters

On a tour in the Wadden Sea - UNESCO World Heritage - the students explore and examine the animal life of the mudflats and the tidal inlets. There is ragworms, common shrimps and mussels aplenty, and we will work on identifying the animals and learn about the adjustments they have made to the special life of a tidal area. 


Read more (only in Danish): Indskoling, Mellemtrin, Udskoling

Visiting Mandø

You will drive with the tractor bus on the mudflats to Mandø. With fork and nets you will examine the animal life on the mudflats near the island, and they will learn about life on a small island in the middle of the Wadden Sea. I kører med traktorbus over havbunden til Mandø. Med greb og rejehov skal eleverne undersøge dyrelivet på vaderne nær øen og de skal høre om livet på denne lille ø midt i Vadehavet.

Read more (only in Danish): IndskolingMellemtrinUdskoling

The plants of the marsh

In this course we will explore the salt tolerant plants of the marsh. We will delve into the fysiology of the plants and examine where in the marsh the different species of plants grow.

Read more (only in Danish): IndskolingMellemtrinUdskoling

Squid disection

Explore the inside of a squid. With scissors and tweezers the students get to examine the squid and and its adjustments to a life in the ocean. 

Read more (only in Danish): Mellemtrin, Udskoling

The Seals of the Wadden Sea

Go on a tour to one of the large sealbanks of the Wadden Sea. The students will observe the seals through telescopes, and lean about their adjustments to a life in the ocean.

Read more (only in Danish): Mellemtrin, Udskoling 


With the unique nature of architect Dorte Mandrups building - where reeds are used on facade, roof and underlay, and lists of robinia-wood make the already existing building melt seamlessly together with the new building - the result is a structure, that almost seems to grow from the ground - gently and adapted to the flat marshland. 

The exhibition "THE MIGRATORY BIRDS' WADDEN SEA" is likewise adapted to the singular center. In cooperation with THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE, architect Johan Carlsson has with his thorough design created a poetic, aesthetic and modern exhibition, which with great perception shows the Wadden Sea and the migratory birds. Here are experiences which catches and involves the guests of the center - young as well as elderly - in the wondrous world of the Wadden Sea.

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