We offer personalized catering. Our kitchen staff can prepare delicious food, which can be eaten in our spacious café area. But there are many alternative solutions. We can arrange dining in many different versions. So call and ask the kitchen staff about the options we can offer for your company event. For example, if you take one of our tours, we can arrange food on the spot. Among the more exotic dining options is bonfire food, which typically occurs with some of our our Wadden Sea tours. Here you can collect your own food in the Wadden Sea and cook it on our campfire. Here is the possibility of making bonfire bread with bladderwrack, for example. The bonfire food is also available in a deluxe version, where we bring in chefs to prepare delicious Wadden Sea food.

On a Black Sun trip, is it possible to eat a sandwich in the marsh. And on the Mandø tours, we can provide packed lunches for the bus. Alternatively, we can arrange dining at one of the area's restaurants. We know all the possibilities, so if you have an idea, we will probably do our best to make it a reality.

Call the Wadden Sea Center on tel. no. +45 7544 6161 for further arrangements.