The dance of the starlings is a matter of life and death. The beautiful sky formations are determined by the number of predatory birds present, that hunt the starlings. The nature guide will track the starlings in the upcoming days and do their absolute best to locate the starlings resting area. Dealing with nature means that there are no guarantees - nobody knows exactly how the evening will turn out. This is what makes it all so exciting! Join us on an interesting and educational tour, where the nature guide will tell you about the wonderful life of starlings. 

We meet at the Wadden Sea Center in Vester Vedsted (close to Ribe) and experience our interesting exhibition "The Migratory Birds Of The Wadden Sea". The nature guide will show you around and tell about the Wadden Sea as a UNESCO heritage site and why 12-15 million birds are crazy about the Wadden Sea. 

After the guided tour of the exhibition, we will provide you with a sandwich and a bottle of water. The food can be eaten whenever you see fit, both in the center or out in the field, while we are waiting for the starlings to arrive. 

A bus will drive us to the location of the starlings, but we might have to walk up to 1 km, in order to get the best view. It is a good idea to bring warm clothes, something to sit on, coffee/tea, snacks and practical footwear.