The dance of the starlings is a dance of life and death. The beautiful formations are determined by the number of birds of prey that hunt the starlings. The nature guides tracks the starlings in the days before the trip and do their best to find the starling's night refugie. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to nature – no one knows exactly how the evening will turn out. That's what makes it so exciting! Join us on an interesting and educational journey, where the nature interpreter will tell you much more about the wonderful life of starlings.

As we stand still while we wait for the starlings to arrive, and their dance can last until after sunset, it is necessary to be warmly dressed, with wind- and waterproof clothes. It may also be a good idea to bring food, coffee and a mat to sit on, while you wait. In wet terrain we may have to walk up to 1 km. Therefore, make sure to bring some sensible waterproof footwear.

IMPORTANT: The tour starts at Hotel Dagmar. If you prefer to be at P-syd, the meeting time is no later than 10 minutes after "tour start". We take the bus to the place that we think is best that day. It can be in Tøndermarsken as well as south of the Danish-German border