Experience the Wadden Sea National Park's boundless open spaces and tough nature as we hike across the dry seabed. This is a physically demanding tour which brings you into the Wadden Sea, where the tides are in control of the tour - where the sky and sea become one. On the mussel reefs there are oysters everywhere - enough to taste and pick to bring home. The birds, wind, water and the one-of-a-kind landscape creates a unique atmosphere.

The tour starts at the Wadden Sea Centre with an introduction to the tour and oysters by the nature interpreter. When everyone is equipped with waders you will drive to the dike in your own car. From here we hike across the mudflats to the oyster reef. The trip requires that you are in good physical condition and surefooted - in return you get an extraordinary oyster safari and a Wadden Sea experience like no other.