At the beginning, the nature guide gives a short introduction about the Wadden Sea - then we head out into the mudflats. How far we can go depends on the tide. At low tide, 60% of the seabed is usually free of water. The goal of the hike is to get as close to the low water line as possible. We go far out to the seabed and experience its vastness and biodiversity. If we are lucky, we can find some of the organisms that live there: from razor clams and sand clams, to lugworms and bristleworms, to crustaceans and birds. The nature guide will also talk about the special features of the Wadden Sea, which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We walk about 5-8 km. You can wear rubber boots or sandals that are suitable for mud and water - or just go barefoot. We meet at the Wadden Sea Center.