Oyster and mussel tours

Oyster safari

The oyster safari of THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE is an exceptional experience. We are out where the tide rules, and where sky and sea melts together. Oysters are everywhere on the oyster reefs. The birds, wind, water and unique landscape create a very special atmosphere. 

The tour starts with an introduction on THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE. Afterwards waders are handed out, and we will drive in our own cars to the dike. From here we walk across the seabed for one of the oyster reef and mussel beds -  a one of a kind oyster tour and Wadden Sea experience.


Participation demands that you are healthy and in normal good shape. If you order tickets for others, we expect, you to inform them about this.

The seabed is soft in some places and the oysters are heavy carrying home. To get to the oyster reeff and home again we will be walking 6 km on the seabed and 2 km through water - perhaps reaching your navel - while wearing waders. This trip is normally not suitable for children and elderly. To join this tour one needs to be at least 150 cm high and able to walk 8 km.

You eat oysters on your own risk - read more here

Oyster tour for everybody

This version of our popular oyster tour is app. 4 km, which means persons from 8 years and up are able to go on the tour. We will meet at THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE for a short introduction and handing out waders. Afterward we will drive in our own cars to the starting place of the tour. We will walk along the coast and out on the dry seabed. The goal of the tour is on of the oyster reefs of the Wadden Sea, where one can see, taste and gather oysters to bring home. During the trip we will enjoy the distinctive scenery, and probably meet a lot of interesting animals, which the nature guide will tell a story of two about. 

Mussels and bonfire

On this tour on the seabed we will gather mussels and other edible animals and plants, and make a meal of out them.

We don't have a lot tradition for eating mussels in Denmark, which is a bit of a shame - so we intend to correct this! We will find and taste Blue mussel and oysters, but also more overlooked species as Sandgaper, Cockle and Periwinkle. The natur guide will tell you about the hidden lifte of mussels in the seabed, and where and how to look for them. Some of them hides very well. We will finish the tour by making a bonfire, where we will prepare the edible finds of the tour.

We will walk app. 3,5 km on the tour.



With the unique nature of architect Dorte Mandrups building - where reeds are used on facade, roof and underlay, and lists of robinia-wood make the already existing building melt seamlessly together with the new building - the result is a structure, that almost seems to grow from the ground - gently and adapted to the flat marshland. 

The exhibition "THE MIGRATORY BIRDS' WADDEN SEA" is likewise adapted to the singular center. In cooperation with THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE, architect Johan Carlsson has with his thorough design created a poetic, aesthetic and modern exhibition, which with great perception shows the Wadden Sea and the migratory birds. Here are experiences which catches and involves the guests of the center - young as well as elderly - in the wondrous world of the Wadden Sea.

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